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Pajama Protest

Officials announced Friday, February 25 that the Wisconsin state capital would close on Sunday afternoon, February 27, 2010 for cleaning. The protestors’ slumber party will be over, which have been hold up in the building since Governor Walker and the Republican led state congress is presenting a bill that would limit the government service workers from certain collective bargaining privileges. The building, schedule to close Sunday evening, will reopen the next morning at 8 AM.


Protestors have been living and sleeping inside the capitol building, around the rotunda. Signs are glued all over the capital building’s walls and a daycare center has been set up outside lawmakers’ office space. Some threatened to hold out during the cleaning by not picking up their belongings and leaving the building. Officials announced the grounds are available to the demonstrators.

The protestors’ demonstration makes the claim that their unions should retain their right to collective bargaining for employee benefits such as pensions.  The demonstrations have now gone to a lengthy 12 days as of Saturday, February 26.

The sleeping bags’ soft insulation may not create the ring loud in the ears of the world that the protestors intended. The slumber party does not seem to be helping their cause.

In addition to the union-sponsored capital campout, the Democrat Wisconsin Senators of Wisconsin have fled the state, avoiding a vote on the Republican’s attempt to trim their state’s budget. This blogger is disappointed in their lack of leadership.  What a sorry example for the youth of their state. Conflict is never resolved by avoiding conflict. The Democrat Senators cannot run from their obligations.

Do the protestors feel that democracy and the Wisconsin republic have failed them? Why do the workers feel like they are entitled to more when the state is failing financially? What are they doing to sacrifice for their community?

Are the Senators advocating for anarchy rather than respecting the rule of law, which is the foundation of a functioning republic?


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