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Treasure Hunt

Archaeology is not customarily in the news. Just recently, a group of archaeologists have ventured out to Guatemala on a treasure hunt for Mayan gold. They believe the treasure in buried beneath a lake.

The team is guided by a freshly deciphered book with a treasure map inside. The book mysteriously appeared, was donated to a museum, and was just recently decoded. Sounds like an adventure already. Who would not want to go on this fantastic discovery? Sign me up.

The team is looking for the ruined Mayan capital city of Atlan. The book claims the city was ruined by an earthquake and it was buried under the lake. At the time of the earthquake, Atlan contained 156 gold tablets or eight tons of gold. This book should be pivotal in helping the team find the treasure.

Society, as a whole, needs a real live adventure story to help us escape for just a second or two. If you have the opportunity, read about this story in more detail, strap on a pair of Indiana Jones boots and a hat, and escape for a moment. The archaeology team is packed and set to go.


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