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Big Bang Theory – Fact or Faith

In a recent story on, the headline reads “Vatican Science: How Pope Benedict Reconciled God and the Big Bang.

The story in summary is about the Catholic Church’s stance on science – past and present. The Pope’s sermon in the last week or so helped to reveal that the Church and science were in not in contention.

So what does this story mean to me as I read it? Glad you asked.

My first analysis of the story is that the Catholic Church is attempting to be true to its change in philosophy and theology. In the past, the Catholic Church rejected science because the truths were not gathered by revelation, but rather by observation. The “truth by observation” had to be adopted into the philosophy and theology of the church in order for the Church to start accepting scientific truths. As the story mentions, Galileo was at one point excommunicated for his scientific theories and declarations that were juxtaposed to the Catholic Church’s stance.

In the present the Catholic Church is doing just the opposite, which brings me to my second point. I believe the Catholic Church is attempting to relate and evangelize to the world.  The business world would call this marketing. They are being very intentional about telling the whole world what they believe and what they are doing to stay in touch with your life as you know it.

I believe the Pope has created a platform for discourse about science and faith.By verbalizing what the Church believes, he unveiled the collision of God and science in the minds of spiritual seekers.

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